Igor Kovic 柯逸華








Igor Kovic is a French actor, 20 years he came to Taiwan and lives in Taipei.

He is also a consultant.

Igor was born in Paris but grow up in Serbia until the age of 6 he then went back to Paris, at the age of 17 he became a French citizen.

Igor has always been interested in acting and took his first acting class at the Paris New Actor School he graduated at the age of 18.

He then was on stage stage in theaters around Paris. He played in different  plays from Boris Viant to Moliere .

At some point Igor decided to Join the renown Club Med for 3 years. During this time he was mostly on stage and created different plays and standup comedy. He traveled the world, lived in North Africa, Canada and Indonesia.

In 1992 Igor arrived in Taiwan and planned to stay on that island for only 3 months but things did not turned out quite that way.

He stayed and stayed and one day in a restaurant he met an agent who asked him if he'd like to shoot a commercial, he accepted and his life took a big turned after that.

He started shooting more and more, doing TV commercial and major Taiwanese TV drama and became quite a recognizable figure in Taiwan and in some part of China as well.

In Taiwan he is known for his role in TV dramas and TV commercials. His style brings new flavor to Taiwan art market. He played in such drama as..... He feels very lucky to be able to work as an artist in Taiwan and he is looking at expanding his art to the surrounding country of Asia such as Japan and China.